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Pink egg Pokemon, evolved form of Chansey. Also known as the fat pink blob/whore/bitch. Hated by many noobish and scrubby players just because Blissey is the best special tank in competitive Pokemon. Those people get really annoyed when a Blissey tanks all their attacks from the likes of Alakazam, Jolteon, Starmie and pretty much everyone else who uses special attacks.
However, while Blissey is queen at taking special hits, she dies VERY VERY FAST to physical attacks. So, to all you whiners and haters, please pack on a hard hitting physical attacking Pokemon and that way you don't have to worry about Blissey. It really isn't very hard, you know. Also, Blissey's offense sucks; take advantage of that!
Blissey is one half of the hated SkarmBliss duo. They complement each other really well, with Skarm talking physical attacks and Blissey taking special ones. Extremely effective in 2nd and 3rd generations. However, the 4th generation in Diamond/Pearl introduced a lot more powerful attacks, meaning that Skarmory is no longer the the king at eating physical attacks.
by ADVDA May 02, 2009
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A Normal type Pokemon with a shit ton of HP (~700 Max HP at level 100) and shit awful stats everywhere else. It can learn Softboiled to heal itself. The only time it will be a threat in battle is if it is at a high level with Seismic Toss, a move that needs to be bred onto it
Trainer 1: My Chansey evolved into a Blissey
Trainer 2: You should've kept it as a Chansey and give it an Evolite. It would be able to take more hits when unevolved and doubled Defense
by Pokedex #184 August 19, 2017
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A bitchy egg that gets easily owned by everything but noobs like to clause it. Some idiots use it but still like to clause it for some reason. It's one of the evil creatures that form the awful skarmbliss combo. Get totally raped by half of the things on the current metagame because it totally sucks.
random noob: omfg blissey is cheap u shud burn in teh hell bcuz u use it its liek very cheep u n00b *disconnects*
by Icicle22 March 30, 2005
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