A Portmanteau of the words black and hipster, indicating a hipster that is ethnically black. This word was most likely made popular by Carles of the blog Hipster Runoff.
4/5ths of the band Tv On The Radioare blipsters.

Idi Amin, though black, was NOT a hipster... Therefore he cannot be considered a blipster.
by The Citizen Science February 27, 2009
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"Dude, did you see that blipster at the show last night?"
'Yeah man, his gauges were huge!"
by PoppyRocks June 30, 2011
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A cross between the words "black" and "hipster". However it is not used to solely describe a black hipster but rather one with non-stereotypical African American culture. This person, (who usually is black), will typically have natural hair and embrace their skin color, listen to alot of old school poetry hiphop (like digable planets) and maybe even jazz. Describes someone very passionate about the culture
Basically any (non-violent) ex-black panthers are good examples of blipsters.
by Girl Who Knows May 15, 2011
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A portmanteau of the words "Black" and "Hipster" used to describe a black person that so happens to be a hipster. Blipsters may be considered uncle toms or sellouts because of their fascination with predominantly white music and clothing, usually indie, punk, and electronic.

Blipsters usually are the token, if you see a black guy with a group of hipsters, he's more likely a blipster.

A lot blipsters have a song sense of self, with hip-hop(usually underground or old) and other black music, and intellectual black sensibilities that they usually feel are absent from todays black mainstream.
Steve is black,rides a fixie, vegan, like Animal Collective, Radiohead, and TV On The Radio, he's probably a Blipster.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI October 11, 2010
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(n.) An black hipster

Brass grills, blacked out monocles, suede converse, velvet jackets, iPhone 4's, embroidery KFC handkerchief, wooden chopper bicycles, small pug for dog, mahogany combs, plaid trousers, gold watches etc. are the common accessories for the everyday 'blipster'...

Instagram is the new hype!

Florence & the machine and Little Dragons is permanently on repeat!

"The deep side of the shallow end" - Wolf of Juta Street, Braamies
Check out those 'blipsters' yo! Such vintage swag! Plaid jackets for dayzzzz
by Blipster May 18, 2014
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An African-American individual who emulates white hipster culture through fashion and activities (such as wearing skinny jeans, skateboarding and looking emo, all ironically).
Did you see those kids that just skateboarded by?

Yeah -- I couldn't tell if they were white or black. Their skin looked black but everything else screamed white. I think they were blipsters.
by RD VLVT May 16, 2011
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