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This compliment originates from the American band Blink 182 which have had hit singles, albums and sell out tours world wide. This phrase is used to describe a song or band that have similar characteristics to Blink 182, this can including original and quirky lyrics, similar guitar riffs/drum beats etc or even the look and personality of the band.
An individual person can also be complimented using this expression, this usually refers to their dress, which would most likely be band or quiky t-shirts, baggy or cropped trousers, a sideways caps and possibly similar hair to a band member and even piecings and/or tattoos. There are also two clothing lables owned and designed by the band members, Atticus clothing and Stars and Straps.
"I really love that new band they're really Blink-182ish."

"You're looking rather Blink-182ish today, it's great!"
by XxIwasAprayerxX November 25, 2005
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Denotes a complete lack of musical depth, a modest sense of tune, and an amateurish, puerile sense of humour. From the punk group "Blink 182", which most critics agree is a gussied-up boy band with good management.
This band Simple Plan is pretty good but they are kind of Blink-182ish.
by Deluded Informer April 14, 2003
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