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Sit on ones head with a erection, placing the testicles in the eyes.
I sat on this chicks head and put my nuts in her eyes while I had a boner, I gave her the 'blind unicorn'.
by Jeff DuffKnee October 05, 2005
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The act of placing your testicles over the eyes of a woman and having your erect penis placed on there forehead making it look like she is a blind unicorn
Dude last night i gave that drunk girl a blind unicorn
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A man places his smooth balls over each eye of a man or woman with an erect pens protruding off the forehead of said man or woman, creating the illusion of a unicorn with weird testicle (blind) eyes. Usually includes variations with another man receiving fellatio simultaneously from the "blind unicorn"/willing victim!
Wow! They really made her/him into a blind unicorn, during that threesome!
by Gary Urbo December 13, 2018
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