Blessing is dark. But she pretty. Also mean and rude. She doesn't mess with people. She is really fun. She loves food and chicken. Also she is crazy. She is medium size not to fat and not to skinny. And she is flexible
Blessing is very interesting
by Christ1998 March 17, 2017
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A blessing is a good and perfect gift from God. When you receive something that is undeserved. A blessing can also be a gift that is received at the right moment in your life. Favor from Heaven. To give someone your blessing is to give them your permission to follow through with their plan. A boyfriend will approach his girlfriends parents for their blessing to get married. If you are very hospitable to someone they may leave your house with their blessing. To be a blessing is when you help someone out in such ways they can't afford to repay you.
I was 200 dollars short on my rent this month and a financial blessing came in the mail unsuspectingly. I received her parents blessing. He was such a blessing; he helped me set up my new computer.
by Jester4113 September 25, 2015
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Blessing, the name of the girl you love who you can’t stop talking about. Maybe it’s because you love the way her name tastes on your tongue, or because you enjoy her in general. Either way, she’s the definition of absolute perfection. She’s kind but not one to keep her feelings to herself. She’s bold about her opinions—proud of it—but she’s still so caring.

She’ll be struggling through so much, wanting to give up all the time, but she always manages to somehow keep pushing through. She has strong tenacity and no matter how much she might want to just give up, she can’t. And it’s not because she loves herself like a narcissist, rather, it’s because she doesn’t want those around her to hurt.

She doesn’t deserve to go through the problems she suffers with and when she tells you about them YOU feel your heart ache. She’ll say “I’m fine,” but you see straight through her mask. You want to wrap your arms around her, whisper comforting words into her ear as you stroke her hair. She’ll eventually break, making you’re heart ultimately shatter, but you know that she needs this. She’ll start to tremble, mumbling incoherent phrases of apologies as you continue to lull her.

But when she stops and relaxes, man doesn’t that just make you smile like an idiot. She’ll reciprocate the smile, hers much brighter. And that smile will just make you melt.

And that’s when you realize that you want complete happiness for this damn girl.
Phil: “Dude, I’m crushing on Blessing.”
Robert: “Yah, no kidding. Everyone loves her”
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by melancholy_surrounds-us August 27, 2019
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That one girl who always wears black. She's pretty, usually African or American. She also thick
I want to be a Blessing!
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you will never meet such a gamer in your life. he's a son of christ.
we should all be a lil more like blessing
by uendc09d41npij1vdnx`i0z9u-3syu October 18, 2018
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