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The best most amazing boyfriend a girl could have! He is a sweet and loving teddybear who always knows how to make a girl laugh and smile! He's super cute and very handsome. Blas is a sarcastic ass sometimes but never to his girl. He takes care of those he cares about and is very loyal. He's all around an amazing and sexy guy who any girl would be lucky to be able to call their own!
That sweet amazing guy over there is Blas. He's my amazing boyfriend! I love him!
by StevenGunther January 07, 2012
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a word having the ability of replacing any other word when said other word is not heard or does not desire to be heard.
when repeated, used to indicate to another person that the subject of conversation is of no interest, usually accompanied by putting fingers in their ears.
A: We need to talk.
B(out loud or silently): Bla...bla...bla...bla...
by Orion January 15, 2004
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bla (noun): bΓΉh-laΓ£

An all encompassing term of endearment which does not subscribe to the ideas of any existing terms used in addressing a fellow individual.

The term will always remain free of any pre conceived notions or ideas as it is only meant to be a respectful way of addressing anyone.

The term has been popularized by anonymous individual(s) on public Mongolian basketweaving forums and have been used interchangeably for terms such as brother, bra, bro, lad, and la.
kek, wtf bla?! you don't like DS9??! the utter STATE of you!

hey bla, you feel like Netflix and chill tonight?

BLAAA! check it out, DUBS!!
by iccthedral October 12, 2018
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a universal phrase for just about anything, usually not very descriptive
that dress is just kinda bla
by bla September 19, 2003
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the sexiest, sweetest man i have ever known.....lucky to have him in my life. He is my first thought every morning and my last thought every night. I always dream that he will on day be mine....he is all I ever think about and he is everything I could ever want. I love him more than anything and always will.
Blas is all I will ever want and ever need.
by Property of Blas October 12, 2012
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something that describes when someone talk heaps about stupid boring dull non living thinigs.
by Ussy January 02, 2005
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