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Blaithin is literally the most amazing person ever. You can try, but you won’t ever meet anyone quite as good as her. She is kind, caring, compassionate, sweet, loving, thoughtful, loyal, and has many more wonderful qualities. Bláithín is so strong and can get through anything. She is friends with practically everyone, and she can mingle and fit in to any crowd. She is so generous and would do whatever it takes to make her friends happy. Bláithín had the face of an angel. It is so beautiful you’d think it was specially carved by the most talented artist. And her eyes are the most precious things imaginable. Like crystals. Usually green-ish and beautiful. Easy to fall for. She loves exercise, adventure, horror movies, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and of course Netflix. She has watched everything on there. Everything. She can be quite stubborn and slightly moody at times, but she’s only standing up for what she believes or standing up for a friend. She always supports the greater good. She is the best of fun. With her beautiful face, voice of an angel, lovable personality, you would fall in love instantly. We love you Bláithín
Omg look it’s Blaithin!
by RIPJughead;) June 21, 2018
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Blaithin is very beautiful. There are no words to describe how much we all love her. Honestly I will love her always and forever
Blaithin is truly wonderful!
by RIPJughead;) June 18, 2018
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A rotten, disabled human being that looks like a frog, she has a fat sensitive head and is always cranky and annoying. She can't make any friends or get any guys because she's a whore with no life. She's really greedy and eats all day , everyday. Blaithin is a pig! She's likely to have no family or friends. She can't spell and never goes to school. Anyone who see someone like a Blaithin , runs!
Eww, I think that's a Blaithin! Quick run!!
by Doylelucy100 January 30, 2017
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Love at a penis. Imagine that penis was set on fire. Imagine that burnt penis was eaten and shat out. That is a Bláithín.
Person 1: I hate you!

Me: Shut up you Bláithín
by Prud3nt_Bl0ck April 26, 2019
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