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Def 1: When someone from the ghetto is about to do something suggestable or regrettable but is believed by others, to be highly probable of failing. Used in place of the word "backfire".
Ex 1:

Guy 1:"Yo dawg, you heard Tyrone is gonna steal Shanel's weave and give it to Tracy?"
Guy2:"Shiiiiit... that's probably gonna blackfire."

Ex 2:

Guy 1: "I heard you was thinking bout taking the day off work and spending it with Tracy."
Guy 2: "Yea, we wuz just gonna chill at the crib."
Guy 1: "Didn't your boss say that if you missed another day, he'd can yo ass?"
Guy 2: "Man, he won't do shyt."
Guy1: "You gon be saying that after you jobless and Tracyless; that shits gonna blackfire."
by King_Etokura July 02, 2018
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