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Def 1: When someone from the ghetto is about to do something suggestable or regrettable but is believed by others, to be highly probable of failing. Used in place of the word "backfire".
Ex 1:

Guy 1:"Yo dawg, you heard Tyrone is gonna steal Shanel's weave and give it to Tracy?"
Guy2:"Shiiiiit... that's probably gonna blackfire."

Ex 2:

Guy 1: "I heard you was thinking bout taking the day off work and spending it with Tracy."
Guy 2: "Yea, we wuz just gonna chill at the crib."
Guy 1: "Didn't your boss say that if you missed another day, he'd can yo ass?"
Guy 2: "Man, he won't do shyt."
Guy1: "You gon be saying that after you jobless and Tracyless; that shits gonna blackfire."
by King_Etokura July 02, 2018
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When someone tries to do a person wrong just for being black and as a result of social media and news media, they lose their job.
The following list of people know first-hand what it's like to be Black-Fired : Christopher Cukor(pending); Permit Patty; Barbecue Becky; Poolside Pete; Corner store Caroline; Golf cart Gail; Starbucks; Crosswalk Cathy; Hotel Earl; MIchael Dunn; Officer Amber Guyger; Officer Michael Slager; Officer Betty Shelby; Officer Brian Livernois; Officer Anthony Figueroa; Officer John Smyly; Officer Mike Moore; Sgt. James Hines; Hilary Brooke Mueller; South Park Susan: Ruby Nell Howell and the list goes on and on and on....
by TJ Booker August 06, 2019
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Usually meant to be racist. Blackfires originated from Black Sheep which are basically slaves who do what they are told. Used to be mean to Niggers.
by racist words cracker December 28, 2019
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