A black female who is from the countryside or one who acts country and talks country!
"You're so country! Are you white?"

"No I'm black."

"Oh nice! A Blackbelle Blackbell... I met a few within my travels and I also remember this woman named Carol Anne Starr!"
by Bethany Blues July 5, 2020
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A black female or a black half-breed girl; born and raised in the southern states her whole life, or transited/departed from the city to countryside while she was a little kid and spent most of her childhood growing up there!
Hello class! I'm a country African American girl! You can call me "B Bell". It stands for Blackbell. I am not one of those caucasian skinny anorexic chicks with red or blonde hair and walks around wearing extra short daisy dukes, cow girl boots, a country hat, and a striped collared shirt. I don't look or dress anything like that! It's nothing but a racist stereotype because in reality; the truth is, all country women come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. A blackbell is just as beautiful as a white belle. LOOK AT CAROL ANNE STARR AS AN EXAMPLE. starlight.sl1996
by Gregory Forress October 8, 2019
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Blackbelles and Whitebelles are women from the southern states or the countryside of the south! They are exactly alike but they are of different skin color. Whitebelles are caucasian! Blackbelles are African American.
Everything doesn't have to be a contest! Why is it Whitebelle vs Blackbelle just because one gets more praise and attention? That's not fair... Whitebelle Blackbelle , who cares? We're all human.
by Gregory Forress October 10, 2019
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