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A dark and terrible place where the souls of law students go to die so that they can become lawyers.
O conveys Blackacre to A for the life of B, then, if C is married, to the children of D and their heirs on their mother's side so long as the old oak tree stands. At the time of the conveyance D has no children and is 102 years old.

Characterize the interests and estates of D's unborn children.
by The Learned Hand of God February 19, 2012
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A horrible place that only lawyers and law students know of.
Adam, owner of a fee simple in Blackacre conveyed the property "to Bill for life, remainder to Charles, provided that if any person should consume alcohol on the property before the first born son of Charles turns twenty-one, then the property shall go to Dwight in fee simple." Assume that neither Bill, Charles, or Dwight is an heir of Adam, and that Adam's only heir is his son, Edward. Discuss the ownership interests in Blackacre of Adam, Bill, Charles, Dwight and Edward.
by kaiblu April 14, 2008
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