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Black Santa Claus or Black Santa

The African American stereotype of Santa Claus.
This version of Santa is unlikely to leave you any presents. The most likely scenario is he steals your presents, eats the cookies you made and raids your refrigerator for chicken, watermelon and/or grape drink (he won't drink your grape juice though).
In the rare event that he does leave a present under your tree it is probably a chopper, which you should load up for Dec. 31st
He does not ride a sleigh powered by 8 Reindeer, it is in fact a flying black Bentley Continental V8 with 17in platinum plated rims that never stop spinning. It also contains a 7.1 surround system that can typically be heard playing Soulja Boy or Wiz Khalifa
He is typically not very jolly or merry, but he is fat.

White Santa's whore for a wife is likely cheating on him with Black Santa.

Synonym for Rick Ross
31st Decemeber 3012
A: All the presents under my tree disappeared on Christmas
B: Same here man, everything was gone except for this AK-47
A: Black Santa Claus strikes again. Well better load up that chopper, it's Decemeber 31st.

"Pull up in a sleigh* hop out like I'm Santa Claus. Niggas gather round got gifts for each and all of y'all" - Rick Ross aka Black Santa Claus
* - Bentley Continental
by Rzhhhh May 06, 2013
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