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A Jewish man who enjoys to rock and roll. UHH.
Sometimes he rips his shirt. UHH.
He can tolerate any religion, especially the black one. UHH.
He will buy you anything you want if you sex him up. UHH.
One time he ate so much pie that he through up. UHH.
Lightning is a very inspirational man, too. He encourages you to follow his dreams. Once he followed his dreams and now he ROCK AND ROLLS.
Lightning lives with the superhero Captain Cold from the show, Stratford Arms.

He is friends with a man named Rupert Johnson.
And he's rocking retarded. UHH.
Lightning Thunderstein: Let me see your boobies! UHH.
Girl: *shows boobies*

*lifts it up*
Lightning Thunderstein: AHH-
by The demon Barbor 1997 December 28, 2011
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