Also know as BPT, is the mean solar time at which the average black person arrives, adopted as the standard time in a zone that includes all African Americans. BPT delays usually run from 15-45 minutes.
Ta'Kiesha: "I'll be there at 6."
Nay Nay: "That's 6:30 in Black People Time."
Ta'Kiesha: "You know it!"
by Bodyde October 14, 2011
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Also known as BPT, is a reference to the stereo-type that People of the African American decent have difficulty getting places on time.
"I told Ray Ray to be here for five even though we don't start 'til six cause he runs on black people time"
by Lord Gwar July 30, 2008
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A slower version of time that is used when black people travel.
Darella: Ill be there in five minutes.

Ta'shanae: In regular time, or black people time?
by AltonJones May 31, 2010
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Black people time or BPT is the abridged way of saying "Whenever the h I feel like it" which is Usually 15-30 minutes later than advertised
Philip:Wasn't the the president's speech supposed to start at 8:00 its already 8:30

Ta'Nara: The White house runs on Black People time now
by Gentleneal June 26, 2011
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(n) a system of time that is offset to make black people consistently late by aprox 30 minutes. the timezone and numerical values for the time are the same but the execution of appointments is such that black people seem to exist in a parallel world that is always behind everyone else.
I told jim to be here at 8:00PM EST but he just got her and its 8:30 already. I guess that is because he is on black time. (black time is short for black people time and is used interchangeably)
by THE ORIGINAL Webster September 18, 2008
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"Black people time" is a measurement of time used to describe the difference of black peoples' perception of time with respect to everyone else's perception of time.
"It is 12:15...didn't Tyrone say he was going to meet us here for lunch at this time?"
"Yeah, but he is on black people time (bpt), so it will be another 45 minutes to 2 hours..."
"What a dick!"
by Frikghorgan December 4, 2008
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