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Probably one of the greatest Thrash band to land on the face of the earth.

Bitchslicer is one of the most underrated bands in the tri-state area and definitely the most underrated thrash band out of Philadelphia. -

Philadelphia powerhouse, Bitchslicer, isn't your typical thrash band. Their "Fuck Yeah" sound is part King Gary's lightning fast guitar riffs with chaotic leads peeling into screaming harmonics that churn back to the crustiest head-banging progressions, filling out the low end is all heart-only playing bass for 8 weeks bassist old man Fran...all while Antman's ballsout super-tempo drumming does more than punctuate as he brings the feel of each song together with heavy-hitting insanity. It just keeps getting faster, better and heavier.
Guy 1: Metallica is the best Thrash band ever!!
Guy 2: Bitch please... Bitchslicer
by Beagle Oneism September 18, 2013
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