Over use the knowing of something.
"Bitchhh let me tell you."
by Funkinthejunk October 13, 2016
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a bitchhh
a bitchhh
by meeee bitches December 17, 2018
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A man child who plays legends of zelda breath of the wild and hasn’t got a social life
“Hey did you see that guy over there playing on his nintendo. LMAO he needs to get a social life”

“Yea he a crazy bitchhh
by Destiiiellll December 10, 2021
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how you start a text to your best friend when you have the scorching tea *sips tea*
*Texting friend 2* ooh bitchhh guess who Sally kissed in the bushes last night!?
*friend 2* Omg whooooooo?
by bitchyeahimakilljoy March 1, 2019
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