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a word commonly used by xbox, ps3 or any online playing gamers. when a person yells the word "BitchFag" you know that they are about to fuck shit up, seriously. If your in the same room as roberto portillo and he says "bitchFag" you might as well commit suicide before he fuckin RPG's your ass.
Gamer gets mad, swears and la dee da dee BOOM!! "bitchfag". there it is.
by ilyHudy June 11, 2010
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One of the female sex acting extraordinarily prissy (bitch) while simultaneously acting uncannily similar to a white homosexual male (fag).
Nichole was being such a bitch fag in chemistry today.
by Billyclease May 19, 2006
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It means...the persone that said it to you...well they dont really like you. So you shouldn't talk to them or bother with them!
Alyssa: You Whore!
Jackie: SLUT!!
Alyssa: Hoe!!
Jackie: Bitch Fag!!
Alyssa: Damn you got mee!
by Not Alyssa/Jackie August 11, 2006
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