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When a girl is constantly mad and she appears to have the same qualities as if she were to be on her period 24/7. Thus creating and aurora of anger and torment and complete frustration in and around everyone who becomes involved with her. Bitch can affect the mind and make people want to kill you lol.
Girls who get mad at everything- Bitch Mode.
by Jordan Beverly June 15, 2011
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Bitch mode is the state a person is in when he or she is acting like they don't to do anything. This usually occurs when the person is in a relationship or in love, etc. An obvious sign of bitch mode is the person is asked to do something that they normally love to do but for some reason they have a lame excuse (tired, sick, etc).
Joey Za: Yo, we hitting up the club tonight?
Bitch: Ummm... I actually don't think I can. I don't know why I can't go though.
Joey Za: Wow, you're in bitch mode bro.
by Joey Za July 16, 2008
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When a woman has reached a breaking point and can no longer continue to be the nice, sweet, tender individual society wants her to be, so she breaks character and decides to stop accepting unfair negativity directed at her. Or, when a woman consistently stands up for herself in the face of negative criticism.
"you're wrong, that's not possible. You must be on you're period or something..."
"...yeah, so, I'm tired of your mansplainig bullshit- I'm turning on bitch mode right now cause I no longer care about how pleasing you find my personality, bye crayola dick!"
by TheSilence89 May 11, 2016
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A term for when a girl is on her period and if you piss her off she will bite your head off. Sometimes two girls can be in bitchmode together, and that is more dangerous for the male specimen. It is even worse if the two girls are best friends. Bitchmode gets more intense as the menstrual cycle progresses. Hint: don't mess with a girl in bitchmode because it will end badly for you.

Besties before testies #teamvagina
Kathryn: I can't believe he did that. I'm on my period and have been in bitchmode for three days already.
Maegan: Me too. Wrong time to piss me off. Bitchmode activated.
by Sebastian P.P. Hastings January 24, 2014
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Originates from the inability of running back Marshawn Lynch to successfully reach the end zone in Super Bowl 49, falling on the half yard line. Following this shortfall, quarterback Russel Wilson then threw a game ending interception to Patriots defensive back Malcolm Butler, sealing the fate for the Seahawks and crowning the Patriots as Superbowl Champions.

Settling for second best.

The opposite of "beast mode".

May refer to a person's inability to finish a difficult task, or lack of confidence in this person to see it through to the end.
Jack really went into bitch mode when he got tired near the end and lost the big game for us :-(
by PATSNation February 07, 2015
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when a girl becomes a bitch when she thinks she is offended in the slightest instance
Hey James, did you talk to Carly yet? No, she was in her bitchmode again.
by The armenian January 19, 2015
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When it is so cold outside you instantly become a bitch and hate everything in your sight. Bitch mode is subject to rise in times of cold weather.
Oh god, it's freezing. Bitch Mode is rising!
by jalexis November 04, 2010
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