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A slang for Noob Tube, first coined by ThunderStruckGaming in his video El Thunderdor.
Bob:Dang it! I got killed by the Bitch Barrel again!
Joe:What a noob!

Troy:I think im gonna add this Bitch Barrel to my gun
Brevin:No dude! Don't be a noob!
by AANT July 16, 2011
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A large container, typically housing numerous promiscuous women. First coined by Marlon Wayans in the 2004 remake of Ladykillers.
Used to indicate quality of a skill
This boy right here? He plays one bitch barrel full of a sackbut!
by MrManic November 22, 2013
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the term given to anyone who is using the grenade launcher in a CoD game. only the NOOBS use it
the bitch barrel is the knobbiest weapon in CoD
by octocat11 June 22, 2014
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