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1. the capacity of any living organism to refrain from any intimate contact with another biological entity, thereby preserving it's own unique biological data from being corrupted by another;

2. a superior form of intelligence;

3. biological supremacy.
1. Bree was the hottest babe in skool, yet she was not seen dating any1. 1 day, Davey built-up the courage 2 approach Bree...

Davey: "Say...i was kinda wandering...u wanna hang-out somtime?"

Bree: "You mean hang-out as in a Date?"

Davey: "Ehhhmmm...yeah"

Bree: "Ty...but i rather not risk placing my bioindependence at risk by dating som1"

Davey: " crazy or somthin gal?"

Bree: "No...i just dont want to get my DNA corrupted, that's all. Gtg now, bai!"
by g0dl355 December 25, 2011
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