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The term "Binary Bitch" refers to somebody who is plain and in general is just boring to be around such as that stereotypical girl in the back of your class. Do not be mistaken however, the term "Binary Bitch" can be used to describe both Male and Females and also can be referred to as just "Binary"
Example 1:
John: That girl over there is so binary, I mean just look at her just so boring
Zoe: Yeah I know what you mean, she came to a party with us once and just sat in the corner

Example 2:
Morweena: Look at that binary bitch over there fam
Eriaan: She's such a loser, always on her phone and she's SOO BORING to be around

Binary, boring, plain, uninteresting, simple
by CitrusGod October 20, 2015
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