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Mr. Billy Gallagher is one of the nicest men to grace the hallways of Frontier High School. His class brings men and women alike to the point of tears and his slicked black hair is beautiful enough to have students and teachers alike to bow down and kiss his polished Nike shoes. Many people (teachers) have tried to be as great as Mr. Billy Gallagher, but have failed epically. His plaid shirts remind students of a well rounded man who, secretly, inspires to be a follower of The Saved By The Bell fan cult. Sometimes if you listen hard enough, you can hear the gods weeping as Mr. Billy Gallagher teaches his swarm of children the ever growing concept of Mathmatics. Brian Peppers, once was quoted saying, "That Mr. Gallagher Guy, total babe, I'd be his student any day of the week. :)"
Example 1)

Jesus: Hey God, have you made any really good humans recently?
God:Yea that BILLY GALLAGHER was my finest piece of work.

Example 2:

Dude, BILLY GALLAGHER is the man!
by Zan Dwawa November 24, 2010
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