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v. Billback

Derived from the expression "Billy Bad Ass". To Billback is to return in full and/or a plethora, any act of total sweetness and Bad Ass-ness which has results in your ultimate demise and/or embarrassment to the original Billster/Billmaster from which the initial Bill originated.

A Billback is simply the retaliation on a Bill, with a Bill.

In essence the only true way to recover from being Billed. A Billmaster has highly honed Billback abilities which set him a cut above a Billster.
1. Instead of just taking that punch to the face, D Billbacked by sewing Johnny's asshole shut and continuing to feed him and feed him!
by DFaFH June 06, 2007
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to relax or chill, to calm one's nerve.
to stop attracting attention to yourself and/peers
my yute u need to bill back, dawg
hey just bill
by Nickx a November 07, 2009
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