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A character on SNL during the early ninties that seems to have quite a Legend. Participants in the sketch usually consist of Alec Baldwin, Tim Meadows and Will Ferrell.

The skit takes place in a bar/a funeral/etc where we find three or four drunk guys (known now as the 'Brasky Bunch') yelling and screaming about all the times they've had with Bill Brasky
1)Bill Brasky once breast fed a flamingo back to perfect health!

2) "One time I was with Brasky in the back of a pickup truck, along with a live deer. Brasky goes up to the deer and says, 'I'm Bill Brasky! SAY IT!' Then he manipulates the deer's lips in such a way as to make it say, 'Billbrasky' ... It wasn't exactly like it, but it was pretty good for a deer!'"

3)"I once saw him scissor kick Angela Landsbury."
by Donahue2 June 01, 2005
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Fictional character from an old SNL skit featuring Will Ferrell, Alec Baldwin, John Goodman and Tim Meadows in rotation. The plot revolves around these men sitting at a bar (or other location), blind drunk, talking and reminiscing about a man named Bill Brasky. The conversation tends to highlight his sexual conquests, superhuman abilities, blasphemous exploits and disregard for human life. The skits themselves tend to follow a basic order: one man asks if the group has heard about the time Bill Brasky (did something), and another man blurts out a socially crippling confession, which is mentally discarded by the drunken group, and the story continues. Another basic component is the female passerby, who asks the men to stop being so loud, and is answered by sexist comments from the bunch. In the end, Brasky himself appears, in a forced-angle shot from his shoulder, making him truly appear ten feet tall. In recent years, similar jokes have been created about Chuck Norris and his ass-kicking potential--some have even been pulled directly from copyrighted Bill Brasky material. Also, the original videos of the skits have been increasingly hard to find but much sought after by fans of the show.
"Say, did i tell you about the time Bill Brasky went hunting?"
"I masturbate to the Teletubbies."
(long pause)
"Anyway, Brasky decides he's gonna hunt down and kill all four of the Banana Splits. He stalks and kills each one of them with a machete. They all begged for their lives, except Fleagle."
"We once had a bachelor party for Brasky. He ate the entire cake before we could tell him there was a stripper in it."
by Thrush April 20, 2006
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Bill Brasky is a ten foot tall son of a bitch that showers in vodka and feeds his babies shrimp scampy.
Did I ever tell you about the time Brasky and I went hunting? We stalked and murdered every memeber of the bannana splits. All of them begged for their lives, except Fleegle.
by Dixon Chris April 14, 2005
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Somewhat of a drunken man's mythological figure. From a sketch on Saturday Night Live. Usually comes up when you have a bunch of drunk guys gathered together in a parking lot... I observed this phenomenon first hand. Then they continue to quote Brasky's outrageous features and achievements.
We were standing around drunk and one guy said, "They used Bill Brasky's foreskin to cover Yankee Stadium when it started raining". And immediately there was a toast "TO BILL BRASKY!".
by Bill "Beefy" Jones October 10, 2005
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Brasky's got a toenail at the end of his penis.

He'd eat a homeless guy if you dared him to.

Brasky once drank a gallon of pure methane, woke up 6 months later and said "I prefere scotch"
I hate Bill Brasky, but damnit I respect him.
by Ambassador March 21, 2005
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