Large Breasts - (Big Ones)Popularized by Al Bundy on Married With Children was also the name of a fictitious magazine on that show.
Damn! She's got some Biguns
by Gunnyman August 1, 2006
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Very large breast, tits, boobs ect.
Look at those biguns.
by Deep Blue 2012 August 10, 2009
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Contraction of the words "Big One"

A large, heavyset woman who does not realize her size so she walks so heavily that the ground shakes.
Damnit! The Bigun must have returned home!
by MacWolfGrubs March 20, 2011
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A set of two talented yet overweight hackers that like to eat and hack
Did you hear about that new installer? I heard that the biguns hacked it to pieces..

Yikes, are those biguns on a plane?
by C "Tool" Johnson August 28, 2006
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