A straight person who doesn't want to choke on girl dick or eat dude pusy
Leonardo is such a bigot, I put a wig on and told him to suck by girl dick but he said he wasn't gay
by Ghettocandybrah April 08, 2021
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Once defined a person who showed disrespect toward or intolerance of the existence of people with differing views, ethnicities, backgrounds etc.
Now defines anyone whose beliefs or views contradict your own, particularly they're religious or lean right politically.
Person 1: "Can you believe that person? They have views that they believe to be true, which by definition excludes contradictory views and considers them false! What a close-minded bigot!"

Person 2: "Wait a minute, are you claiming their views to be incorrect/false? By your own logic, doesn't that also make you a bigot?"

Person 1: "...Logic? What's that?"
by yardbomb February 16, 2021
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