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Pronounced Big-Guh-Minh; (1) To speak complete nonsense. To not know what you're talking about. (2) A title of endearment. Usually used between a couple rather than friends. (3) A conjugation of the phrase "Big & Mean." Most likely used to describe how much of a BAMF someone is.
Guy 1: *Random Gibbersh* know what I'm saying??
Guy 2: You're speakin' mad biggaming brah.

Guy 1: See that girl right there? That's my new biggaming right there.
Guy 2: Nice bro. Congrats on that.

Guy 1: Shit got wild last night at the club. Home boi came at me witha knife'n shit. But Ya'll kno I'm biggaming!
Guy 2: Word.
by PeterLO March 01, 2010
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