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Queer folk who join the Metro and have bursts of angry fits when they disagree with you on something, resulting in a page long argument of which most people are not able to understand.
Beware of the Bigcanadiano, for it stalks young women by writing disturbing love letters to them. The Bigcanadiano resembles the original batman, with a much wider face.
If you are ever to encounter a Bigcanadiano on online forums, contact your head admin immediately.
If one has just posted something that he/she thinks is intelligent because of the variety of unknown words:

You just pulled a BigC there!
by MulhollandJr. April 23, 2004
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"My guess, ducks and water that is, can't seem to hide outside of a boxing," is a BigCanadiano sentence.
by Mick May 29, 2004
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