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A chain of supermarkets in Massachusetts and Connecticut that focuses on "world class" products and customer service, and screws their employees in any way possible. People who work there include dumb-as-fuck teenagers, depressed middle aged adults, and old people who are too afraid to retire.
"I work at Big Y and I want to die."

"It's going to snow an inch or two tomorrow -- we need to go to Big Y and buy bread! We may be trapped in our house for days."

"Big Y sucks."
by Wonder Boy January 04, 2005
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A supermarket chain in Massachusetts and Connecticut which claims to provide 'world class service' and 'great deals'. Buy 1 get 2 free sales and 'rewards' coins get frugal thinking shoppers in the door, while charging out the ass for most products. While reaping the benefits of high prices, Big Y still manages to provide Wal-Mart level service and quality. Big Y CEO Don D'Amour once beat a cripple to death on the steps of a church with his own cane.
"Let's get some milk at big y, for $4.50 it must be good."
"I hear they use feral cats for hamburger meat at Big Y"
by Phil Graves May 22, 2005
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A supermarket chain who treats their employees poorly. Located in CT and MA, Big Y is well known for their hot seafood orders, balling food service department, and stuck up attitude. Part-timers are treated like garbage, and managers can get away with it. The highers ups all stick together. Some are nicer than others, but as a part-timer you are still scum.

Also some higher ups at the store level, and even up through corporate take themselves way too seriously. Like dude, you made a career out of Big Y, great, but you're still a regular human being.
I'm craving clam strips, so I guess I'll head to Big Y.
by TriStateGirl August 18, 2017
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