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If you have commited one or more of the following acts, then you qualify for "Big Nose Syndrome."

1. Getting a girl pregnant after dating for 4 months. By Accident.

2. Not using birth control because it's too expensive
3. Having an disproportional large nose.

4. Ruin the end to any movie
5. knows quotes verbatim from any show he watches
6. Knows karate and thinks he can kick your ass.

7. Watches Anime.
8. Follows the plot of anime.

9. Awkwardly puts hand on shoulder when trying to tell you something meaningful.

10. Have a small penis.
11. Can't throw a football if the human race depended on it.
12. Considered feminine.

13. Uses the sniper class in COD MW2 and never use the sniper thinking the pistol is more effective.

14. Throws up after 2 drinks.
15. Sexually excited by the dragons on Skyrim
16. Letting your best friends find out you are engaged over facebook
17. Using the most random ass vocabulary words.
18. Always has a solution which is better than yours.

19. Thinks Wikipedia is a credible source.

20. God facepalms your existence.
21. you masturbate with organic lotion.

23. You play wii
24. Whiter than Edward
25. And even gayer ^

26. If you realized that this list skips 22 and it bothered you.

27. Is your name is Ryan\
28. If you have ever penetrated your own asshole with a plunger while masturbating with your mom's breast milk pump.
Wow, I can't believe Steve has such a massive case of Big Nose Syndrome, he should want to jump off a bridge.

After he was infected with Big Nose Syndrome, Bob cried in the corner in the fetal postion after he realized what he had done.
by TheEjaculater69 December 23, 2011
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