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The term 'Big Div' or in some cases, just 'Div', originates from the Scottish town Greenock. It is thought to be the name of a 1980's gang leader, but no-one really knows if there is any truth in this. It is used to describe ned, or as the politically corect term: Juveniles with tendancies to wear brightly collored shell suits and Burberry caps, to look for fights in the smallest things, and to indulge in activites such as recreational drinking of alcoholic beveridges and drug taking.
Eric: "Hey Deeksy, sup?"

Deeksy: "Here, you makin' fun o' ma mam's elongated toenail, mate?"

Eric: "Nah man, I was just saying hi."

Deeksy: "Shut it ya pure bender, or I'll heavy dae ye in, ya pure prick."

Eric: "Your just a Big Div to be perfectly honest with you."
by The_pwner_of_babies April 03, 2009
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