Big deal, important occurance. Usually used sarcastically or to blow something off.
Your friend tells you someone is talking smack about you behind your back, and you don't want her to know it bothers you, but irritated you reply,"Oh, big whoop!"

A friend accidently spills soda on your floor and is all bent out of shape and apologetic about it. You wipe it up and tell her, "There, all fixed, no big whoop."
by J.L.D. July 29, 2005
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Sorry I used the last of the Toilet paper.
--It's no big whoop, I had more under the sink.
by cyrat22 November 24, 2013
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Meaning: Intentionally having sex with a woman (unprotected) and ejaculating inside her with the intention of getting her pregnant. Hence, getting a woman pregnant to get stuck with that person.

The term is based on the exclamation of the moment of conception, acting oblivious by going "Whoops!" upon ejaculation.

Side Note: Helps if she is pro-life too.
If I came across a girl outside my league, I'd have to give her 'The Big Whoops'. Then she'd be stuck with me whether she likes it or not! I'd be like 'Oh yeah, girl -- Whoops!'
by Exitium Mugendai October 12, 2010
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Quite the opposite of big looks. A way to express sorrow or disappointment when a good friend does something wild and/or fails terribly.
Bro: yo so I hit up Jenny…
Bro II: big looks man!
Bro: …she left me on read for 5 hours

Bro II: big whoops man!
by mateusz-jest-tutaj October 13, 2019
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