To Have a large or huge penis
You have a big shlong it is going to destory me
by Henwa March 8, 2019
I have a massive one
Big shlong is what I have
by Stevie <3 December 13, 2021
A Hebrew person who refers to their genitalia as a "shlong," and proceeds to refer to themselves, as "Big Shlong Lee"
Guy: Here comes Gerald
Woman: He prefers to be called, Big Shlong Lee
Guy: Why?
Gerald: *Pulls out his shlong*
Guy: Well damn
by Strickays September 4, 2017
when u have a big dick and put it in your birth giver
boy 1. damn did u put that big ass shlong in your mom before this its so wet and juicy
boy2. yes
by big ones only February 27, 2022