All Star first baseman Lance Berkman. A Big Puma glides effortlessly, and moves with cat-like nimbleness around the bases. Big Puma would never, ever fall while running the bases. Watching Big Puma accelerate gracefully to full speed has been known to make grown men cry. Occasionally, if you listen intently, you can hear the Big Puma battle cry: Raaayyrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
Bases are loaded in the bottom in the bottom of the ninth and the Astros are down by 3. Is that Big Puma up at the plate?!?! No, crap, that's Everett.
by mrc123 August 18, 2006
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nickname for Houston Astros baseball player/all-star Lance Berkman. bestowed upon him (tongue in cheek, yet good naturedly) by local radio station due to his "cat-like" movements around the base paths.
after falling, trying to take two bases on a single..."that's Big Puma folks, showing his stuff."
by wt johnson August 18, 2006
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