Accomplishing a task or obstacle you or your peers find exceptional
" I invested $100 and made a profit of $1,700... Big Dickin'"
" My mans smashed three girls in the same class... Big Dickin"
" You know I'm Big Dickin' when the judge dismissed all of my tickets at once"
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by MIAliens January 24, 2018
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When someone, usually a male, is trying hard to prove their manhood by means of owning and showing off gaudy possessions which is likely to compensate for a small penis or lack of capability to pleasure a woman in bed.
dude: *driving* Oh! Look at this fucker trying to pass me up! I'm already going 10 above the speed limit!
chick: He is just big dickin' you...he must be really insecure.
by domeno October 18, 2014
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