Big Chop or 'BC' is when a person cuts their hair to obtain the 'natural' state. The person cuts out the hair dye, chemical perm, or relaxer from their hair.
Lots of women cut/chop the relaxer or perm from their hair to begin or continue the growth of their natural hair. Meaning that they've done the Big Chop.

My BC was January 1st and I've been experiencing my curls and learning new styles for short hair.
by JoSm January 17, 2010
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Colloquial for choppa, or a big ass gun
Ambjaay: “Big Chop Knick a nigga out zapatos
by Brae223 February 15, 2020
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Dan! You didn't flush after you went Big Chop!
by wikikiw September 12, 2009
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the transition into a baby gay through the means of cutting one's hair. most gay AFABs go through this.
"yo, did you hear about insert name? yeah, they're going through the big chop right now."
by spider mochi November 26, 2020
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