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(Noun) - A dick, in terms of a jerk with unnecessary and often unfair prejudices towards his/her peers; a disgruntled white man that does not have sexual intercourse due to a repulsive presence; a liar; an overly emotional person, as to display signs of bipolarity

(Adjective) - Of, or relating to the penis or testicles; unfair; maniacal; bipolar; disgruntled; not having been engaged in sexual intercourse of any kind other than with oneself
(Noun) - "I hate my teacher. I did all the work and he failed me anyways because he felt like it. He's such a bierman."

(Noun) - "Sucks for that bierman -- he's been married for 30 years and now he has no recollection of what sex is like."

(Noun) - (while driving) "GET OFF MY ASS, BIERMAN!!!"

(Adjective) - "Come on, umpire! He pitched the ball directly over the batter's head and you call it a strike? That's a bierman call and you know it!"

(Adjective) - "I'm still a virgin, man, and I'm sick of my bierman life right now."
by nobody will care anyways March 26, 2008
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