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1. The fictional repository of all the spurious claims, fake evidence and out-and-out bullshit lies that a loudmouth douchebag at your office tries to pass of as fact.

2. Material of such doubtful veracity as to require the launch of a small religion in order to be believed by anyone.
A: "And when I was a little girl, gypsies came to town and kidnapped some of the neighborhood kids. Ever since then I can hear cats' feelings with my mind."

B: "Sure, mom, I'll be sure to save that one for the Bible II."

X: "And then these two uber-tasty half-Japanese, half-Brazilian auto-show models got in the Space Shuttle we borrowed from Dane Cook and they gave us guitars made out of weed that you could really play because the weed strings and weed pickups were treated with this molecular catalyst that turns THC into superconductive metal."

Y: ". . ."
by Pastor Brian August 18, 2009
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a book that is handeled by the name "bible II" but its official name is "Koran" to avoid copyright problems. like most sequels, the koran is not as good as the bible. it isn't even a real sequel, its more like a spin-off and many of the most popular characters arent in it...for example Jesus. others are renamed: god goes now by the name "Allah" and has strong middle eastern accent...kinda cheesy. its simply not the best book and only hardcore fans of the bible should buy this "holy book reloaded".
the producers of the Koran a.k.a "Bible II -the revenge" wanted to fit into todays gangster rap culture so they made ist extrem anti-feministic...but they fucked it all up by wraping the bitches into burqas.
by sgrDD March 19, 2008
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