Basically means bitch.
From Afro-American origin.
Wassup, bi-atch!
She's just a bi-atch
by Anon November 28, 2004
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n. 1) a coloquial and more accepted version of "bitch"; 2) less offensive than bitch;3) less than a man, but more than a "bitch"; 4) the guy who may scrub the white walls on your car, even though they're already clean; so someone who's too low on the social ladder to be a man, but higher than a "bitch"; 5) the kind of mnan who says it's alright when you slam his face with a glass door, even though he knows you saw him before you opened it; see "bitch"
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An extremely snooty, self-centered, superficial, girl. Most commonly associated with the "popular" crowd (aka a bunch of other scb's).
Dude 1: Delaney is such a stone cold bi-atch.

Dude 2: Indeed.
by El Tipo November 17, 2010
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