The cycle of which a bisexual man or woman starts feeling stronger feelings toward one gender over the other.
Man 1: How often do you experience bi-cycles?
Man 2: It changes by the hour.
by Mr.Kawaii November 30, 2018
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Bi-Cycle is the ebb and flow of attraction to different sexes that a bisexual person may experience.

A bisexual male who is primarily attracted to females may find themselves more interested in males for a time being and vice versa.
"Three months ago I was really crushing on Sarah, but I this week my Bi-Cycle is steering me towards Max :/"
by Arbiter_of_ALL February 1, 2018
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an lgbtq server that is the horniest environment ever and has like a thousand people just being horny af. its great
person 1 i just joined teens on a bi-cycle discord server, its horny af
person 2(member of teens on a bi-cycle) uwu what do you mean its not horny at all *nuzzles bulgy wulgy*
by save me from this horny hell January 12, 2021
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