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Bhot has the same meaning as Thot but is a Boy Thot
Oh my god, that guy is just a Bhot. He really wants some vagina...
by Bhot February 03, 2015
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A bad thot: someone who tries to be a hoe/thot by imitating an actual thot that they have seen or admire in general.
Jim: Yo, Katie is such a Bhot, she's so flat but she thinks she's hot
Tom: I know, right? It's so sad
by Cedyeet July 17, 2018
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An emote which is short for 'bangs head on table'. It is used as an expression of frustration similar to the 'headdesk'.
Ann: (typing) Why do you keep doing this to me? *bhot*
by Gryffin August 01, 2007
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