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A wonderful show that has lots of romance and love and exciting storylines. I used to be a huge anime fan because I loved romance and kissing and love stories in anime and thought that anime was the best. Then I found a real show, Beverly Hills, 90210 , an amazing romantic show with lots of wonderful storylines. Lots of kissing and romance and sex. This show is amazing and I have now seen all ten seasons. Each episode is one hour and there are 296 episodes, making 300 hours. The show has lots of romance, sex, dating, relationships and deals with real issues that everyone faces. There are lots of couples and great love triangles and great storylines. One of the best shows. Beverly Hills, 90210 is an amazing, wonderful show. I used to be an anime fan and now I love real television. Beverly Hills, 90210 is a wonderful show with lots of romance and wonderful storylines and lots of kissing. I went from being an anime fan because I loved romance and kissing in anime to being a fan of real television because Beverly Hills, 90210 has lots of romance, kissing, dating, couples, relationships, love triangles and everything. Almost 300 hours, a wonderful series.
Beverly Hills, 90210 is an amazing show. I used to be a fan of anime, but now I love real shows. Beverly Hills, 90210 has wonderful storylines and is one of the best shows ever.
by Mamochan February 10, 2007