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Beula Also Known As "Blue" for short is an intelligent, nice, funny and caring person. She will forgive you no matter what. She is one of the best friends u could ever have. An emo yet nice! She doesn't mind if you have a bowl haircut or not she's more fabulous than you anyway!
Hey have you seen Oliver he's been going for that Beula for weeks!

Damn have you seen the new girl. I hope she's a Beula!
by Michel Booty Housen November 12, 2014
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"Beula" also known as "Bawoolala"
Is a teen girl who normally swears at you if she is being nice and has exceedingly large breasts. Also the "Beula" fantasises about dyeing her hair red alot.
Oh my god she looks like a Bawoolala to me.
I would really like to get into that Beula over there!
by Michel Booty Housen September 05, 2014
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