A somewhat controversial hentai comic, centered around the show Star vs the Forces of Evil. There are many hentai comics pertaining to this show, but for some reason, this one is somewhat more known than most others.

Many people call into question the fact that the main characters of the show (who are present in the comic) are 15, and are therefore underage.
"Yo dude, I read this pretty good hentai, it's called Between Friends."
"Aren't the kids like, 15 or something? Doesn't that count as child porn?"
"Nah it's just a comic."
by LtLemonade February 14, 2021
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Between Friends is a hentai comic off of the show, "Star vs the forces of evil" which has the main protagonists fucking. It's considered lewd and some fuckers are calling it "child pornography". If it WAS child pornography, then every fucking hentai ever would be considered Child Pornography. The comic is ongoing and was made by the tumblr user: Area (Whos main account got banned and is now "Lil-Area")
Between Friends is fuckin hot
by 10YearoldPornstar September 17, 2017
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The perfect excuse. To use whenever stuck in a tight situation.
Hey, did you really kissed my wife yesterday?

Yeah, but it was just a small make out session between friends.
by Mr1erDegré March 28, 2020
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When you find each other attractive and wanna do stuff but can't because of several reasons and worry about what people will say
"I really like him and wanna suck his cock but I can't cos people will be disgusted"
"Wow thats alot of sexual tension between friends"
by Sexygirlwithbigtitties December 29, 2021
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