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She's the quintisential bimbo. She's blonde and dense and contsantly oozes condescending chatter, just like she constantly oozes fugly ratty curls from her murky skull (similair to the "betty spaghetti doll").

Her delusional sense of self-righteousness is constantly of frustration to those who are unfortunate enough to meet her.
"Who the fucks that blonde rat?"

"That's our resident Betty Spaghetti..."

by ms mt vesuvius May 06, 2009
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When an individual offers a good idea for something to plan and it’s such a good idea that the thought of spaghetti appears in the friends mind
Daln: “wanna go smoke a blunt?”
Izik: “Betty spaghetti”
by Nig not 123 April 23, 2018
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