Betty is a girl with black curly hair who is a bit nerdy and likes to cheat on guys
Me: look there Betty is with a new guy. Allie: oh wow
by CCEEJOEC June 16, 2019
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betty was a derogatory term for women in the punk/grunge scene, it was meant to say a woman was of the 50's stay at home mom mindset, like betty rubble.
it was more of a fun talkin shit to your progressive chick friends, but no one seems to remember this.
girl: can i get another beer?
guy: betty get back in the kitchen where you belong!
by icwater December 31, 2010
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Slang for police

Derived from the cartoon character "Betty Rubble" from The Flintstones.

You'll find her wearing a blue dress.
Outrun Betty in the getaway car, keep their money.
by RB_ March 01, 2006
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Someone who gloats, and thinks that she is all that,and might have a big ego. Might have very high standers to winning.
Did you see Betty when she won that card game. WOW.........
by Scorpio0 February 04, 2009
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