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A prophecy said that this child will be the salvation of all mankind. he will have significant marks that will distinguish him from others like "The hand of god" which will 2 birthmarks on it, one on the palm and the other on a finger, the smaller one will be a shade lighter. The other distinguishing mark will be a small scar on his left chest, which no one will have memory of. he was named to be the gateway for Jeshua of Nazareth (Jesus Christ) and one who has both the darkest and lightest minds of history.
We cant we need to find his pathway its supposed to be Bethelihem
by The Prophet of Mankind. March 25, 2011
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Annoying. Bitch. Crazy. Silly. Fun. Weird. Nerdy. Really Loves Horses.
She is such a Bethelihem
by Isla Black January 21, 2016
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