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1: To be owned like a little school girl, preferably on your own host (see halo the game)
2: To be taken advantage of
1:You got bested on your own host? tsk tsk...
Nikkah 1:Damn bro i got bested down at the dollar store today, that nikkah charged me $1.07 with tax
Nikkah 2:what da hell is dis tax shit?
by JeffGodofALL August 16, 2004
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: To be completely conquered by some one, you have no self esteem left, or anyway do make a witty come back, lost for words.

: self esteem killer.

: to be owned beyond recognition
bro he bested you, you were at a loss for words when he got you with that come back by the kosher king
by Kosher king12 August 27, 2011
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adj. exemplimery state of affiars how one becomes dogger hounded n fucking feral
the bested *thinks*: hmmmmm... that scritch i drilled looks sumptious... now i wonder... they say no regrets... a-a-and you are what you eat... no. no. no more what ifs. still
by silencut February 16, 2009
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