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They tell you they love you, and They prove it to you. Both you and them see and know that there is a spark somewhere, but don't know what to call it. Is it a relationship? Could it be FWB? (Friends With Benefits) No. It seems to be like between more then "just friends", but not a sexual feeling. Having no problem with calling the other babe or baby or hun. Feeling safe when being around one another. Always missing each other. Wanting to be with one another all the time. Questioning if your friend loves you as much as they say they do, also in the same manner. That weird feeling that makes you all tingly inside. That feeling that confuses the hell out of you because you just can't seem to figure out quit what it is. Frustrating you so much that you don't know what to do or how to respond to this questioning feeling. Its that feeling when you can be annoying towards one another, get mad, enjoy there presence, cuddle with them, tell them your deep and darkest secrets, complain to them, and even sometimes being speechless towards them. The one thing that brings two friends closer together, that thing that they cherish the most is love for each other. Love for your best friend.
I love when Best Friends Fall in Love its so cute..
by cEf.. January 01, 2012
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