The best band ever that hails from L.A. and sings about kickin back and smoking weed and/or loving a cat.
I listened to Best Coast yesterday for 6 fucking hours... I still don't know if shes singing about her cat or weed.
by errrkwtf!@ April 3, 2011
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A phrase uttered by quality Americans/Canadians who accept the absolute fact that the east coast is far superior to the west coast or the midwest.
Person: “did you hear about the drought out west?”
Virginia native: “just goes to show east coast best coast.”
by tencelTechnologist April 7, 2022
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The truth: The East Coast has better food, culture, architecture, and historical significance, while the West Coast has better weather.
Californians should all jisatsusuro
by Callahan May 20, 2004
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East Coast Best Coast Surfside Beach SC Clothing Apparel Company Proclaiming the East Coast is the Best Coast! eastcoastbestcoast east coast best coast
The East Coast is the best coast hence; East Coast Best Coast!
by mpmsc July 16, 2019
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