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Basically a practical definition of the word corrupt.

Bertie Ahern, taoiseach (PM) of Ireland for god knows how long. Involved in numerous scandals, was a blatant liar who claimed credit for all that was good, and had a memory lapse every time something went bad,

Anyway, the country is destroyed and this slippery snake has left us all in the poopers. Hence he was a member of a party called Fianna FAIL.

Anyway, bye Bertie, we miss you.

P.S. Have you found/remembered where all that money was left while you were gone? If you do remember, can you please tell the Mahon Tribunal.
(Person 1): "Ah, he's not the most honest man in the bunch"

(Person 2): "Yeah, and he's as tight as a duck's arse..."

(Person 1): "...Watertight?"

(Person 2): "Yeah, he's a Bertie Ahern - Tight and Corrupt"
by Nevilleen August 27, 2009
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